Agri Products

The Agri-products team at Freightlinks India was one of the very first teams to be constituted due to the constant demand for efficient solutions in this sector. The members of the agri-products team, together, have over a century of experience in dealing with such products. Our team ensures that you can achieve maximum possible space utilization in the container, keeping in mind basic requirements such as ventilated containers for coffee, paper lining the interiors of the containers to detect any water leakage for commodities such as tea, copra etc. We also have separate pre and post shipment documentation teams, who will see to it that you receive all the documents as per your requirements within 48 hours of sailing of the vessel. These teams have a thorough knowledge of the paperwork required for your cargo to reach its destination without any delay.

Our tie-ups with fumigation service providers all over India, will ensure you get pest-free containers at very affordable rates. All our solutions are ISPM-15 compliant, required for international shipping. Some of the products handled over the past year include Cardamoms, Pepper, Nutmegs, Cashew Nuts, Coffee, Tea, Anise and Apples, to name a few. Whether you are a local manufacturer just stepping into the international shipping world or a super star trading house, our team will do everything possible so that you can rest assured while your precious cargo is in transit to its destination.