Air Freight

p5Our Air freight team is specialized to provide competitive air freight rates and excellent service for speedy movement of your cargo. At FLI, air transport solutions don't stop at transport but go beyond conventional offerings from air freight forwarders. Our flexibility and personalized services make our Air transport services customer-friendly. Having our own in house customs clearance licence, we make sure that your cargo is cleared to catch the immediate flight. This is ensured through our wide experience in customs formalities and the rapport we share with customs officials all over India. Our air freight team has experience handling consignments of any size and shape – right from small cases of spices to large machinery.

Through our associates in Dubai we also offer special Sea/Air solutions to USA/Canada, Europe & other destinations worldwide. We have regular direct sailings from India to Dubai from where our customer's precious cargo can be air freighted to various destinations. This provides both shippers and consignees with faster transit and considerable cost savings, compared to air freight, and also meet their delivery schedules. To speak to our air freight team please contact us at this link