Hazardous Cargo

Careful handling and proper logistics planning is very crucial for hazardous cargo of any grade. Besides this, knowledge of shipping line's rules and regulations for hazardous cargo is also important in case of any issues. This along with many other factors have called for the formation of a Hazardous Cargo handling team at Freightlinks India.

The team initially does a detailed study of the product to be handled along with the various roadblocks that could arise while moving the product. A survey of the planned route with the shipping line and the road transportation team is then carried out. In case of Hazardous cargo, it is also very important to have all the required documents as per the rules and regulation of the country of destination. The documentation team understands the product and advices the client as to the specifics of the documents needed for smooth cargo clearance at the destination. This it does by working along with Freightlinks India's strong network of agents all over the world. Last but not the least, we offer automatic daily updates of the whereabouts of your hazardous cargo in real time. A few commodities that have been handled over the past year include Hexachlorocyclopentadiene, Ferric Chloride and Ferrous Chloride.